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New Face

mari (21/07/2018)
Hello, I'm a japanese female living in Italy.
Now I'm studying Italian.

I'm interested in Europe, and one of my dream is going to Austria (Vienna).
Because I like art (I would like to be an artist...), and my favorite artists are Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele.
I really would like to visit museums where I could see their works.

And I also would like to visit Germany too.
Because for seeing new art, Berlin is interesting place... I think.
Well I don't know if you know him but I like Hans Bellmer, an artist.
And I've heard that there were (are?) many bisque dolls ateliers in Germany.
(I make dolls and paintings.)

And I heard there are many delicious cakes around there(also heavy?!),
I would like to taste "foresta nera(I know only Italian name..."black forest?)".
And cafe in Vienna...

I'd like to listen life there or know infomation about art or sweets.
I'm curious person and enjoy listening.
But the best would be having a good friendship...

Anyway I'll be glad a message from you, if you'd like to know about japan, I could tell you gladly.
I'm from Osaka but born in Nagasaki, I think I could tell you about them especially.

Thank you for reading this messy message!
naoki (17/07/2018)
Hallo, schön dich zu treffen. Ich interessiere mich für deutsche Kultur, Essen und deutsche Persönlichkeit. Bitte werde mein Freund. Ich kann kein Deutsch, deshalb benutze ich die Übersetzung.
Ich bin ein Mann
Ryo (03/07/2018)
Open Address

Yukiko (29/06/2018)
Hello.I am Yukiko who lives in kagoshima.Japan.I am 32 years old now.My birthday is January 10th.1986 I like Japanese sweets call wagashi and green tea and rock-pop music and lolita and Gothic fashion But I don't like natto and uni and all alcohol and cigarette and tomato and coffee.And I am sick person. I have a mental ill.If you are interest me .Please contact me.

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